Exactly as Planned
Fox has invited her friend Moose over for tea, but the brownies she baked have disappeared. What’s she to do? A good host always has something sweet to offer. She’s about to despair when she notices some yarn blowing in the breeze and comes up with a new idea. Will Fox’s visit with Moose end up being as terrific as originally planned?

Meanwhile, Moose is delighted to have been invited for tea. He has just finished knitting a scarf that he will give to Fox, because good guests never arrive empty-handed. Little does he know that the scarf is unraveling as he walks to Fox’s. When he discovers that his gift is gone, he’s about to despair. But there are new ideas ahead. Maybe his visit with Fox will end up being as terrific as originally planned.

This two-sided story, about expecting the unexpected and appreciating just being together, is a joyful delight, as is the unique format of the book itself. Each story ends in the middle, and the reader need only flip the book over to start again from the other friend’s point of view
“Nyeu’s illustrations—pale-toned, delicately drawn scenes on creamy backgrounds featuring spreading trees lavishly appointed with domestic furnishings and homely decorations—are a delight, full of clever details for sharp-eyed observers to pick out.” —Kirkus Review

“The silkscreen and colored-pencil illustrations are perfectly suited to the tale, allowing intricate textures and subtle hues to create a cozy overall feel, while detailed backdrops show the various forest goings-on. This is the very definition of a book to pore over, so little ones should settle into a comfy lap and join the amiable Moose and Fox to traverse their charming setting.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
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