The Legend of Iron Purl
This funny, spoofy superhero picture book is sure to be a read-aloud favorite. Iron Purl, fabled knitter, to the rescue!

Nobody tells a tale like Granny Fuzz. The children of the village can listen all day to her stories about the mysterious hero Iron Purl. Purl could be counted on to show up just in the nick of time, using her superpower—knitting!—to save everyone from the mischief and danger caused by her nemesis, Bandit Bob. She could put out fires, trap thieves, and rescue a falling bunny, all with a pair of knitting needles and her trusty ball of yarn. But would Iron Purl always be able to get the better of that pesky bandit? 

And might Granny Fuzz be hiding a secret in that knitting basket of hers?
“Nyeu’s lively, botanical folk-art style in bright but muted colors sets the perfect tone for the gentle capers . . . Yarn and knitting naturally figure prominently in the artwork—needle nitpickers will be pleased to know that Iron Purl and Bandit Bob hold them the right way. With artwork to pore over and a quiet adventure, this will be a snuggly pick for bedtime.” —Booklist

“It’s subversive, one might say crafty, to cast an older woman, whose invisibility is rarely deemed a superpower, as a crack crime-fighter.” —New York Times

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