Manners Mash-Up: A Goofy Guide to Good Behavior
To pick, or not to pick? This etiquette question and loads more are answered in fourteen hilarious spreads by fourteen talented, well-loved artists. Each spread illustrates a setting from kids’ everyday lives (and the potential blunders they may commit there) and the text emphasizes the right behavior.
Manners Mash-up Artists:
Tedd Arnold, Joe Berger, Sophie Blackall, Henry Cole, Frank Morrison, Lynn Munsinger, Tao Nyeu, Le Uyen Pham, Adam Rex, Peter Reynolds, Dan Santat, Judy Schachner, Bob Shea,
Kevin Sherry
“Echoing the concept behind Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? (2006) and Knock, Knock! (2007), 14 rising and established illustrators present their takes on good—and, more interestingly, bad—etiquette…the illustrations in all their different and recognizable styles will amuse young audiences. Grades 2-4″.
“The advice in this compendium is completely straightforward…The delivery, however, is ridiculously, hilariously varied, as 14 illustrators each take a double-page spread and sprinkle those gentle aphorisms among madcap images…Good advice waggishly packaged and not completely tasteful—a winner.”
–Kirkus Reviews
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